Endurance Event Athlete

I regularly compete in multi sport endurance events, anything from a few hours to multiple days of continual trekking, biking, paddling and anything else the organisers might throw in. Several years ago I found out that I needed some surgery to repair a labral tear in my hip, which is when I found myself seeking the expertise from Physiocure and Tom, at Fitcure. After my initial rehab phase, I was able to continue to participate in the shorter events I used to compete in pre-op, but I wasn’t done. After continuing to work with Tom, I was finally able to return to multiday racing, not only surviving a 100 hour adventure race, but completing the event injury free and remaining strong throughout. I continue to work with Tom on my strength and conditioning, and I honestly recommend that anyone who runs or cycles sees Tom for a consultation for a basic conditioning programme, then puts in a few hours of effort a week to keep their body in shape and working to the best of its ability.