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One to One Personal Training is a great way to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals. If you like training one on one in a more private focused session with the undivided attention of your coach, one on one training is for you.

One to one training is heavily individualised to a whole new level taking into account injuries, rehabilitation, current fitness levels and overall goals. It means you have eyes on you and your technique for the full 60-minute session and is the recommended format for people rehabilitating from injury or with the need for an even more focused approach to health, body composition and performance.

It gives you the most bespoke experience we can offer. You will work one on one without the distraction of others, through a specifically tailored program designed for you every 2-4 weeks. Lots of hands-on coaching relating to technique, nutrition and lifestyle as well as the confidentiality one on one training brings. Bespoke habit based nutritional coaching through our online platform gives you the accountability to ‘own’ a specific habit for the next two weeks, as well as access to your coach outside of sessions through our messenger software.

One on one training is about you and we all like our training to be delivered in different ways. From here on in it’s your choice moving forward, if you want a regular weekly slot or monthly programme design; ultimately we care about you and getting you the results you want and deserve. No contracts, no minimum sign ups, just friendly people who want to help.

5 step plan

Your Route to Success

Step 1
Step 1

Choose a member of our team

Step 2
Step 2

Book an initial consultation & assessment

Your journey starts with your consultation and assessment. This is your initial assessment, to collect data, discuss and determine your needs, assess range of motion and detect muscular imbalance in the body.

It also ensures that the programme and exercises selected are specifically designed for you and your goals in future sessions and programme design, taking any baseline measurements needed to track your individual goals.

Step 3
Step 3

You training plan is created

Based on your needs analysis, current fitness levels and postural assessment your coach will then go away and design an individualised program based around you as well as set you up on your initial nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Step 4
Step 4

Coached training

Step into the one to one training session with your personal coach who will be ready to deliver the most bespoke fitness experience Fitcure can offer.

Step 5
Step 5


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